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Featured Work

I'm Arkadeep Deb, a content development, editing & scaffolding specialist 

I craft, proofread, and consult with entrepreneurs, SMBs, and enterprises for strategic content requirements.


I specialize in goal-based, SEO-friendly digital marketing content that is data-researched and omnichannel performance-driven.


I help businesses generate a high ROI on their content marketing strategies with factually engaging, creative copy-writing. 

I have honed my content development skills for nearly a decade, actively catering to clientele from the following sectors-

  • Software & IT,

  • Web & Mobile Tech,

  • e-Learning,

  • CyberSecurity,

  • Real Estate,

  • Finance,

  • Healthcare,

  • Music & Entertainment,

  • Sports Entertainment,

  • Healthcare/Pharma,

  • Lifestyle, and

  • Retail Enterprise 

I  can collaborate with your business over the following types of content writing requirements

Need SEO-rich Content in English?


Blog Writing

SEO-enhanced business blogging helps perpetuate your brand's web presence. It keeps your targeted demographic apprised, keeps your brand relevant, and helps you target consumers loyal to your competitors. 

I can craft blogs that are strategic to your brand's content marketing needs, help engage targeted demographics, and climb SERP rankings.

Web Copy-writing

Your brand's website is its digital identity. It requires SEO-enriched, impressionable web copies that resonate with the demands of the market. The ideal web copy simplifies the conversion process and boosts retention for your business.  

I can help ensure that you always put the best foot forward to welcome visitors to your online business gateway.My web copy-writing services can embolden your site to onboard new prospects faster. I can help pitch your products, solutions, and services to the local/national/global market.


Business documentation copy-writing 

Content editing

Social media by-lines/Marketing Copy

Storyboard development

Business communications/pitch development 

Marketing campaign content

Content scaffolding

Whitepaper development/proof-reading

PR article editorial

Featured Work

A curated showcase of my published work through the years, non-inclusive of the majority of discrete/ghost-writing projects undertaken for various clients.

Click the Medium icon or visit my blog, to check self-published/affiliated marketing samples of my work.



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