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3 Ways to Bring Batista Back in WWE

The last time the WWE Universe had collectively risen to the booming sound of Saliva’s ‘I Walk Alone', 'the Animal' Dave Batista returned to bathe the microphones, cameras, and the ramp with spit, in a desperate attempt to coax Triple H into a ‘No Holds Barred’ contest.

Paul Levesque VS Dave Bautista seems like a 5-star rated monster marquee match on paper, more so after Batista announced his retirement from pro-wrestling after Wrestlemania 35.

But, a convoluted creative flow outside and a predictable flow inside the ring led to Batista’s pierced nose being the only real prize on the line- a massive let-down.

Hence, factoring in the current crop of talent on the roster, we can think of 3 ways to bring Batista back to WWE.

A feud with Randy Orton

Do you still recall Evolution’s implosion? With Triple H slowly reversing the thumbs up to a down and Batista electric chairing a newly-minted Champion, Randy Orton. to be the start of their animosity?

After teases and unclean finishes on Raw and SmackDown, Orton-Batista faced off in a PPV for the first time, on Judgment Day 2009. Next, they squared off again at Extreme Rules 2009.

Lastly, the pair also cornered Daniel Bryan in the memorable Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania 30. For obvious reasons, few remember that night as Batista and Randy Orton’s night.

Randy Orton is a career-WWE superstar. He is the next-most decorated talent, only second to John Cena, who never quit on the brand. His career highlights would require a whole article dedicated to that list of accolades.

There is no better-decorated superstar available to greet the Animal back to the Dubya with a marquee event match-up- other than the Legend-killing Viper-turned-Bro, Randy Orton.

A feud with Roman Reigns

The Evolution VS The Shield sounds like another wrestling mark’s wet dream. But, the reality can be often disappointing with BlueTista at the helm of things.

The fans rip-roared with laughter and lapped up the main roster debutante Roman Reigns' decimation of Evolution’s heavy-hitter.

Maybe, a well-scripted, Heyman-directed feud with the now reigning Tribal Chief, could cement Batista’s retirement with a bone-mashing, animalistic blood feud.

A feud with Veer Mahaan

Among the new crop of heavyweights in dire need of an engageable storyline, is Veer Mahaan. Now that he’s finally (: sigh:) come to Raw, the ‘youngblood’ could prove his mettle against someone his size, in a benchmark test against the ‘old guard' the returning Batista.

Batista puts on a convincing match that fetches raucous chants of ‘You still got it!’, Veer gets the much-needed demographics, sharpens his skills, and graduates the rite of passage as Batista passes him the torch.

Miscellaneous options at hand:

  • VS John Cena- PeaceMaker VS Drax the Destroyer- two invisible heavyweights in a physical war of contrition is wrestling art!

  • VS Brock Lesnar- both Lesnar and Batista are not expected to bag new gold, but can they still keep the fans glued to the edges of their seats when the Animal comes roaming into Suplex City?

  • VS Bobby Lashley- the only other notable, contemporary heavyweight who Batista never faced; can the Almighty survive and retire the Animal come to prowl his old haunt?

  • Stable with T-Bar and Mace- Forming a stable with two heavyweights (against Edge’s new stable, possibly?) who are desperately in need of new in-ring varnish, could be the off-beat, unconventional retirement story Batista needs.

Is there a more meaningful and memorable way in which you think the Animal could make a return to WWE? Chip in your ideas.

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